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Russia registers the world’s first animal vaccine against the Corona virus

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Konstantin Savinkov, Vice President of the Federal Veterinary and Botanical Control Authority (Ross Selkhuznadzor), told reporters today that Russia has registered the world’s first animal vaccine against the emerging corona virus.

It was reported that the vaccine was designed in the “Federal Center for Animal Health Protection”, affiliated to the authority, and was registered under the name “Carnivac – Cove”.

The expert added: “Clinical tests for this vaccine began in October of last year, with the participation of dogs and cats, white arctic foxes, mink and foxes, and other animals. The results of the research allow us to conclude that the vaccine is safe and has high immunity effectiveness, because it was done in all the participating animals.” In the study, the emergence of antibodies to the Corona virus. ”

The expert noted that Russian scientists are currently continuing to study the period during which immunity is formed after vaccination with the vaccine. According to Savinkov, today, this indicator is at least six months.

The expert added that in April, commercial production of this vaccine could be launched on the basis of the country’s largest platform for producing medicines for animals, affiliated to the Federal Center for Animal Health Protection.

Savenkov explained that this vaccine is of special importance, because some animals, according to the World Organization for Animal Health, are susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus, and several cases of this type have been recorded in many countries.

Source: Novosti

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