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A sensation in Egypt over the case of Israa Emad (photo)

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A significant case stirred public opinion in Egypt after social media swept through the story of the severe beating of a woman named Esraa Emad by her husband.

The beginning came with the spread of Israa Emad’s photos on the social networking site “Facebook,” which prompted the First Prosecutor of Al-Montaza in Alexandria to investigate the incident after transferring to a hospital the east of the city to receive the necessary treatment.

After extensive investigations, the Public Prosecution issued a decision to arrest the husband and decided to imprison him and one of his relatives for four days pending investigations against the background of their charges of killing the first accused’s wife.

The Public Prosecution attributed the first accused, Israa Imad’s husband. The second defendant, a relative of the first accused, attempted murder and possession of a white weapon, the weapon used in the crime.

Dr. Mohamed Farouk, Director of East Madina Hospital in Alexandria, revealed the improvement in the health of Israa Emad, whom her husband assaulted with the help of his brother, referring to her care inside the hospital after all surgeries were performed with all care provided to her after she arrives in a problematic condition.

In a statement to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan,” Farouk added that Israa’s health condition has stabilized, stressing that she should see the doctor and that she may be discharged from the hospital soon.

He explained that the girl came in a critical health condition due to the beating she was subjected to, pointing out that the hospital medical team dealt quickly with the case. Surgery was performed for her and placed under observation until her health condition improved.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm + Al-Watan

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