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The Israeli army conducts training simulating a multi-front war.

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“Israel Hayom” newspaper reported that the Israeli army would conduct military training in Cyprus next summer, which will be the most extensive military training outside the country and simulate a multi-front war.

According to the report, the training will continue for a week as part of the “month of war” maneuvers, with special forces, the Israeli air force, and the Navy. It will include a multi-front war scenario in the north and south and the West Bank, which is considered destruction of systems in the Israeli army’s eyes.

The report said that “in the last week of training, the army forces will fly and sail to Cyprus, and there they will conduct a large-scale training simulating a war in the depth of the enemy, which is not typical for Israeli forces.”

The IDF will also conduct training for units in Israel and test the command and control capabilities of the General Staff and the intelligence and logistical capabilities of the Israeli army.

Source: “i24news.”

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