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The Czech Republic announces the detection of a new mutation of Corona

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Official television in the Czech Republic announced that it had recognized a new mutation of the Coronavirus in the country, different from the British and South Africa.

He pointed out that the researchers of the “Elizabeth Pharmacon” laboratory in Brno in the southeast of the country, which is testing the Coronavirus, announced the emergence of the new mutation of the virus.

According to experts, “the mutation is not previously recorded, is not more dangerous than the British or South African, and is subject to research.”

The Czech Republic is spread by the British and South African Corona booms, and the epidemiological situation there is still one of the most challenging problems in the European Union.

The total number of injured people in the republic, which has a population of 10.702 million citizens, reached more than one million and 515 thousand cases. The number of deaths was 25,874 cases.

Source: “TASS

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