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Who will pay the losses incurred by the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal?

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Advisor to the Egyptian President for the Suez Canal and Maritime Ports Corridor Projects, Lieutenant General Mohab Mamish, confirmed that the company responsible for the delinquent ship would pay all losses resulting from the accident.

He said that Egypt could demand the company responsible, through the Protection Club, to compensate for the losses caused by ships’ failure to pass through the canal.

He added, “It is possible for some accidents to happen in the world, but not to this degree,” noting that “the Suez Canal has qualified guides and a high degree of vigilance, and it is rare for any such incident to occur in it.”

Mamish confirmed that the incident would be analyzed to see if there is a maritime reason for the ship’s delinquency, adding that “the Suez Canal is a very safe shipping channel.”

Source: “Country Echo”

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