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After the martial arts world champion was killed … his brother took revenge (video)

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The fighter, Alan Khadzhiyev, a two-time world champion in mixed martial arts, was killed while breaking up a fight inside a restaurant before his brother took revenge on the killer in the Russian Republic of North Ossetia.

Ibrahim Tebilov, head of the North Ossetian Mixed Martial Arts Federation, said: “(Alan Khadzhiyev, 31,) came from Moscow to marry his girlfriend, and the day before, his friends invited him to a restaurant .. and there was a quarrel, Alan tried to break up The conflict between the rows, before he received a stab in the heart from one of them, as a result of which he died in the hospital.

And the surveillance cameras in the restaurant monitored the fight that took place in the pool hall when the quarrel turned into a murder.

After the accident, the fighter brother, who was killed with a knife, attacked and stabbed the killer, several stabs that led to his death in the hospital.

A criminal case was opened in connection with the murder and attempted murder of two residents under the “premeditated murder” article.

Source: Russian “TASS” agency

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