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A picture circulated on the Internet of the “Tanzanian president and her daughter.”

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In recent days, one of the images caused a stir on social networks. Several social media pages commented on the photo, Samia Solo, the new president of Tanzania with her daughter. In just a few hours, the image created a real rush in the media.

The posts come as Samia Solo Hassan, who was now the vice-president of Tanzania, was pushed as head of state to replace President John Majufuli, who died on March 17 in a hospital in Sar El-Salam. , Officially heart problems.

The picture that spread on Facebook has nothing to do with the Tanzanian president nor her children: it is a photo of two Kenyan celebrities, known for their roles as actresses on television and very present on social networks.

After several searches, the real people in this photo are found. Trisha Khaled, a famous film actress in Kenya with over 600,000 subscribers, and Saada Fateh.

A reverse image search with the Google images tool can find this snapshot on a Facebook page followed by more than a million subscribers in Kenya. The legend in English, partly misleading, assures us that it is about ” the actress Trisha Khalid and her mother. ”

On the Instagram account Trisha Khalid, we find the exact photo published on March 16 with a short message: ” And Then Life happened, I Love You Mama” ( “And then life happened I love you mom. “, Ed ). Below, Trisha Khalid mentions the Instagram account of another Kenyan actress, Saada Khamis Fateh.

As a model, Saada Khamis Fateh often takes the stage, emphasizing more her generous forms.

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