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Netanyahu: I will provide you with direct flights from Tel Aviv to Mecca

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Netanyahu promises if he wins the elections: I will secure direct flights from Tel Aviv to Mecca.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to launch direct flights to Saudi Arabia if he wins elections next Tuesday.

Netanyahu said in an interview with the Hebrew Channel 13 yesterday evening, Saturday, addressing his fans: “I will provide you with direct flights from Tel Aviv to Mecca!”

According to the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post,” speculation was always high in the last year of former US President Donald Trump’s administration. Such relations would bear fruit under the title “Abraham Agreements,” in which Israel established normal relations with four Arab countries. Still, normal relations With Saudi Arabia have not yet been achieved; however, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted Israel the right to cross its airspace, which it had forbidden in the past.

In his interview with Channel 13, Netanyahu promoted these four agreements, promised to complete four more deals, and ignored criticism regarding the event’s failure that was canceled with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan according to the newspaper.

It was planned that Netanyahu would travel to the United Arab Emirates to attend that meeting, which was canceled at the last moment due to a diplomatic crisis with Jordan, as as a result of “radical failure,” Amman did not allow an Emirati plane to leave Amman towards Tel Aviv, to accompany Netanyahu for a visit. According to the “Jerusalem Post,”

Source: “The Jerusalem Post”

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