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Regions in France begin general isolation amid popular confusion

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Almost a third of French people began a month-long general isolation today, Saturday, with many feeling tired and confused by recent restrictions on containing the Coronavirus.

The government announced the new measures on Thursday after a jump in Paris and parts of northern France.

The new restrictions are less stringent than the general isolation restrictions in the spring of 2020 and in November of the same year, raising fears that they will not be effective.

According to a list published late on Friday, among the stores allowed to open their doors are those that sell food, books, roses, and chocolate, as well as barbershops and shoe workshops, and the list does not include stores that sell fabrics and furniture or beauty salons.

Also, a large number left the capital, Paris, before the measures came into effect at midnight.

On Thursday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a new one-month lockdown in the capital, Paris, and other regions of the country, after the vaccination campaign stalled and a highly contagious strain of the Coronavirus spread.

Source: “Reuters”

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