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United States / Joe Biden falls several times in the Air Force One plane.

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The American President has just relaunched discussions on his ability to lead the United States. On Friday, March 19, Biden had several falls on the Presidential Air Force One plane’s stairs. President Biden fell as he climbed Air Force One’s stairs on Friday morning at Joint Base Andrews.

President Biden tripped several times, frantically clinging to the railing, but eventually fell to his knees. In a last-ditch effort, he got up and continued to climb before saluting at the top and then disappearing into the plane. The filmed sequence traveled around the world.

Biden has long faced questions about his health; he regularly mixes up names and titles. Already Thursday, March 18, he called Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris.” Today’s fall is the culmination of a series of incidents that raise concerns about the president’s health.

Ahead of the election, President Biden was walking in a boot after breaking his foot while playing with his dog Major. Biden is the longest-serving president in US history. By comparison, Ronald Reagan was 77 when he stepped down, and he was 69 when he was elected. Trump was 70 when he was elected and 74 when he left office.

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