Bulgarian referee faces an embarrassing situation during the match (video)


A young referee was exposed to an embarrassing situation while managing a match in the Bulgarian fourth division football league, after he was forced to leave the stadium and run to a nearby car park, to avoid being attacked by the players.

The incident began when one of the players protested against the referee by shouting at him and pushing him, and the latter branded a yellow card in the face of the player, who lost his nerve and rushed towards the referee and dealt him a strong blow to the head.

After that, the referee tried to flee, but some angry players continued running behind him, to be joined by members of the club’s technical staff, who quickly tried to assault him.

The funny thing about the incident is that the “fugitive” referee did not forget to stop before crossing the line of contact, to announce the end of the confrontation, in his desire to avoid any further attacks.

This decision increased the anger of one of the players, who rushed towards the referee, who found no way to escape except to escape to a car park near the stadium, to take shelter in it.

Source: .thesun

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