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This here is the first to register three fathers on their baby’s birth certificate.

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Ian Jenkins, Alan Mayfield, and Jeremy Allen Hodges, three men in the herd, used surrogacy and a surrogate mother to start their family. Today, they have two children: Piper and Parker.

However, that is not the reason they are doing the rounds on social media! These three dads made history because a court allowed them to appear on their children’s birth certificates. A first!


The three fathers of this herd inscribed on the birth certificate of the baby


Ian Jenkins does not have an everyday love life. Far from there! This doctor and university professor in San Diego has lived with his two partners Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen-Hodges, for many years. Together they form what is called a herd.

And like in most romantic relationships, these three men decided to become fathers. And this, by resorting to Surrogacy (Surrogacy) and a surrogate mother. This is how little Piper was born in 2017. However, there was yet another challenge to be met—registering the three days’ names on their child’s birth certificate.

A first!
In the end, they ended up winning their case. Yep, this herd made history when a California judge allowed the pack to appear on Piper’s birth certificate, now three years old.

Of course, this grand premiere was an essential step in recognizing polyamorous families in the United States. However, the task was not so easy—quite the contrary.


Three dads registered in their child’s birth certificate: a long fight

Source: pinknews

The herd even fought a very long fight before appearing on their child’s birth certificate. Moreover, Ian Jenkins returned to his family’s history in a book entitled “Three Dads and a Baby,” or in French “Trois papas et un Bébé.”

He tells the story of the legal and administrative fight waged to obtain the family’s officialization of his dreams. Ian Jenkins thus assures us: “at the beginning, we weren’t sure that the three of us could appear on the birth certificate . We had to fight in court ”.

100,000 euros in fees
Therefore, it will have taken several years and 100,000 € of costs for the necessary procedures to be fully completed. But it was all well worth it for these three men whose goal is that “everyone knows that love is the foundation of a family.”

According to them, “families can look different. But what matters is that you care about your children. And that you are doing all you can to give them the best childhood possible ”.

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