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Video: woman offers a yacht to her husband on their wedding day

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The video that went viral on social media shows a beautiful African-American woman surprising her husband with a yacht on their wedding day.

At the elegant ceremony in which friends and family participated extensively, the new bride surprised her husband by offering him a cruise ship.

At the wedding held in a place just off a water body in Miami, Florida, USA, the bride held her groom’s hand and showed her her brand new yacht.

The bride, during her speech, mentioned that her little gesture was her way of honoring her husband for having blessed her with her dream wedding. The beautiful young woman said that although it was challenging to get her affluent husband something he didn’t already have, his decision to buy him the yacht was influenced by the fact that they were in Miami.

The family and friends present applauded and encouraged the couple in awe of the woman’s extraordinary gesture.


Last year, a Pakistani, Sohaib Ahmed, bought a one-acre plot of land on the moon as a wedding gift to his wife. A resident of Rawalpindi, Sohaib Ahmed, bought the lunar land in the region called”Sea of Steam.”

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