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César 2021: Corinne Masiero, the naked culture

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The French actress, Corinne Masiero, shocked the audience and the audience at the “Cesar Awards” ceremony in the French capital, Paris, after she took off all her clothes and appeared naked, with expressions of “protest” on her body.


Corinne Masiero appeared with the phrase “No Culture, No Future” written on her bare stomach, with the words “Return the art to us, Jean,” on her back, where the French actress went onto the stage in a donkey dress covered in fake blood before she appeared in a dress drenched in blood, Then she completely undressed. At the same time, the host, Marina Foi, appeared in shock as the audience applauded at the end.

It is reported that Masiero was protesting against the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and the French government’s response to the Corona pandemic, as the French actress said while undressing: “I have one last uniform, and after that, there is nothing else … This person wants Roger’s choppy skin?”.

“I do not think that I will be invited next year … we will see,” Massiero added, joking with the audience.

The quote for “Roger” is said to be a reference to the title “Who put Roger, the Rabbit?” (It is the title of a movie with animated characters and live characters), and a reference to the intermittent entertainment workers in the country, who have protested and occupied theaters in recent weeks in an attempt to demand the government set a date for the reopening of the arts, as according to the New York Times, the country’s cultural institutions have been closed. , Including museums, music venues, and cinemas, last October, to control Coronavirus cases in the country.

Source: “VULTURE + RT

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  1. […] The 46th Cesar ceremony, broadcast unencrypted Friday, March 12, 2021, on Canal +, gathered 1.6 million viewers (9.1% audience share), one of its worst scores, according to figures from Médiamétrie. The big concern of the evening was the health crisis, and the stage served on several occasions as a platform to cry out the despair of the world of culture. “No culture, no future” on the stomach, “give us back the art, Jean” on the back:  an impression by removing a skin suit from Bloody donkey, finding himself completely naked on the stage to present the prize for the best costume. […]

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