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Nun Appeal to Myanmar Police Not to Shoot Children: “Kill me instead of them!”

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A nun kneels in front of two policemen in a town in northern Myanmar, appealing to them “to stop shooting children and protesters rejecting last month’s coup, and to kill her instead.”
Sister Anne Rose No Tong was photographed in the northern city of Myitkyina on Monday, dressed in white nuns. In the photos, it appears that the police, who were wearing heavy riot gear, responded to her request, appearing kneeling on the ground, announcing a prayer signal in front of her.
For her part, the nun told her story and said: “I kneeled on my knees … begging them not to shoot the children, but rather to kill me instead of them. I begged them not to harm the protesters but to treat them kindly like family members.”
She added, “The children were terrified and ran to the front … I could not do anything, but I was praying to God to save the children and help them,” stressing that she will continue to defend the children.
“I cannot stand and watch without doing anything while all of Myanmar is grieving,” she said, noting that she had received news from senior officers that they were just there to clear the way. But despite their efforts, the police returned fire shortly after the photo was taken.
Source: “The Guardian”

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