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Ghana: Young boys show their strength by cutting themselves with knives- (video)

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Belief in the occult forces is still deeply rooted in many African societies, regardless of their education, religion, and social class.

According to many Africans, its incidence is increasing even because of the social stress and tension caused (among many others) by the modernization process. Most often, accusations of magic and witchcraft work to disadvantage the poor and deprived, but in special circumstances, they become a means for the poor to fight against oppression by establishing self-defense cults.


Two little boys in Ghana tried to show off their occult powers by cutting themselves with a knife. They wanted to cut themselves with a knife, and it was shocking.

You could see the two little boys in an exclusive video trying to cut themselves with sharp knives, but with the power of their “magic” they possess, it didn’t work. Other adults ripped the blades off and tried to cut them, but everything became futile.*

Watch the video below…

In 2017, a fetishist almost died prematurely when he dared to ask someone to open fire on him because he wanted to show that guns can’t do anything against him.


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