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Congolese retain title of champion of the largest penis

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With more than 18 cm, the Congolese are the world champions in terms of penis size. In Europe, the French come in second place, just behind the Hungarians. South Korea, on the other hand, is at the back of the pack.

But this ranking could well be upset. And for a good reason! According to another study, the average length of the male genitalia would decrease year after year because of our diet.


Congolese with the world’s largest penis

Source: the watchdog web

This is a study that will undoubtedly make people talk! The reason? Well, one researcher compared the average sex sizes of men in several countries around the world. Verdict: The Congolese retain their world champion title in 2020 of the enormous penis with 18 cm long.

Conversely, the palm of the world’s smallest penis is attributed to South Korea with just over 9 cm, and sometimes with penis microphones less than two centimeters. On the other hand, in Europe, the Hungarians come first, followed by the French.

Many prejudices

Also, the size of an erect penis would be 14.5 cm on average. But beware of prejudices! After all, no study has yet proven the influence of vertical penis size on pleasure.


Roberto Esquivel, the man with the biggest penis in the world

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 55, who has the most prominent male genitalia, has admitted he is going through a real ordeal. So much so that he can’t even have sex.

And not without reason! Indeed, if the Congolese certainly have the longest penis globally, Roberto has a penis of no less than… 48 cm which reaches below the knee. Yes, you read that right!

A normal size
Unsurprisingly, the man now wants to be in the Guinness Book of Records. But the latter only contains (at least on its website) such a category for animals. However, as you can imagine, his penis size is unnatural.

Dr. Vincent Hupertan, the urologist at Bichat Hospital in Paris, explained that: “It is merely an inordinately long irregular foreskin. This penis is not made up of two hollow bodies and one spongy body which would extend over a length of 48 centimeters “. In reality, Roberto’s penis is only six inches.

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