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A shocking statement to Megan about the royal family’s concerns about the color of her baby’s skin!

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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, said during an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey that there were concerns within the British royal family about her baby’s skin color, Archie, before he was born.

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Duchess Winfrey said that when she was pregnant with her son Archie, there were “fears and talk about how black his skin was at birth.”

Winfrey’s statement prompted her to ask her, “What?” incredibly and sit in silence for a moment.

Megan refused to reveal who had such a conversation with Harry, who told her the story, saying that revealing their name would be “very harmful.”

Megan said she became concerned that her son Archie would not receive the title of “Prince” because it meant that he would not be protected, noting that digesting everything during pregnancy was “very difficult.” Most importantly, the royal title at the time was her concern for her son’s safety and protection.

The Duchess noted that it was difficult for her to understand why there were concerns within the royal family about her son’s skin color. She noted that it was difficult for her to “break up” those conversations.

Harry later joined his wife during the interview, revealing that their second child would be a girl.

source: “The Chicago Sun-Times.”

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