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The oldest bird in the world breeds chick at age 70

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Wisdom, the oldest wild bird globally, is mother to a chick again at the age of 70.

The female Laysan albatross hatched her chick on February 1 at a wildlife refuge in the North Pacific Ocean, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) said.


Laysan albatrosses typically only live 12 to 40 years. But Wisdom was first observed by researchers in 1956.

Wisdom’s father is Akeakamai, with whom she has lived since 2012, USFWS officials said.

“Wisdom has a longtime companion named Akeakamai. They’ve been together for at least 2010, and potentially a lot longer. However, Wisdom likely had more than one partner in her life. Pairs of albatrosses are significant for rearing the young. The relationship takes years to form and can last for decades. To find a mate, juvenile albatrosses have been doing what humans have been doing for thousands of years; they have dance parties. ”

Although Wisdom hatched her chick in February at the Midway Atoll National Refuge on a small outlying US island in the North Pacific, it was only this week that the information was relayed.

“Wisdom spawned in late November,” the USFWS wrote in its statement announcing the news.

“Soon after, Wisdom returned to the sea to look for food and her companion Akeakamai took over by brooding the egg. The parents of albatrosses share the brooding duties, and once the chick comes into the world, they share the feeding duties. ”

The USFWS estimates at least 36 chicks Wisdom has had in her life.

Photo credit: BBC

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