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Google Maps takes an unexpected photo of a girl!

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Street View Google Maps may be intended for use as a geographic tool, but it is also a source for capturing interesting images that attract viewers’ interest.

Street View often appears on Google Maps for people as they go about their daily life. While most of the scenes are fairly normal, some of them leave viewers in a state of shock, laughter, or awe, as happened with a girl who was caught by Google’s radar in an absolutely not pleasant moment.

A picture taken by the mapping service on the Internet showed this girl embarrassingly stumbling. It is impressive that Google’s camera chose the perfect timing for taking the picture, so it was frozen in time when the girl was about to fall on her face.

A skateboard can be seen behind the girl, prompting the viewer to assume that the game caused her to fall.

The fall appears to be particularly bad because the girl is only wearing a shirt and shorts, and since her knee was bare, expect the pain she felt when she touched the ground during the fall.

Source: Express


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