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Courageous people who succeeded despite bullying

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We all have at least one physical defect that makes us involved and that we would like to change at all costs: a nose that is too curved, bad teeth, ears that are too loose … no one in the world escapes this. The small physical complex can sometimes make our lives difficult. It is only here that it is nothing compared to other people born entirely different from the rest of the world.

The people you will see today will give you beautiful lessons in life because even if this life was very unfair and cruel, they knew how to challenge it and take their revenge as it should be by making their own difference. The most significant asset and turning their weakness into extraordinary strength. Here are the five people who were harassed but who didn’t let it go! Take the seed!

Rebecca Heckard

Source: catersnews

Rebecca Heckard is a 23-year-old American girl, one of the women who has not allowed herself to fade under oppression and harassment. She was born with a unique physical peculiarity, which symbolises admiration for many young people worldwide.

And yet, to get there, it was not always easy for her. Indeed, Rebecca was born with a tuft of white hair in the middle of her scalp and whitish spots all over her body.

  • Different due to skin pigmentation.

A phenomenon caused by the disease vitiligo, a disease that causes the pigmentation of the skin and hair to lose gradually. Being small, this physical peculiarity was challenging to assume. She was endlessly covered in mockery, harassment and cruel insults from children her age.

To escape all this, Rebecca wore makeup all day long, a hat all year round, yet she still struggled to cope with her illness. She was even considering having surgery to remove these marks. Brands made her despite everything, beautiful and unique in the world, but that she did not see yet!

However, the young woman had to travel for her to know the big click. It was precise during a trip to Miami that Rebecca got tired of hiding under tons of products. And that she has started her long process of working on herself to learn to accept herself.

  • No need to hide anymore.

She confides that she felt terrible and ashamed every time she looked at herself in a mirror for a long time. But that the trip has taught her to regain her self-confidence. In Miami, she no longer wore makeup, dared to take off her clothes in front of her friends, who, she points out, noticed nothing of her illness. But she dared to proudly take a photo of herself in a bikini without using a filter.

Upon her return, Rebecca began a long process to come out of her shell and cultivate her self-esteem and self-confidence. This courageous person was thus able to get rid of her old demons by finally realising that the beauty that she thought did not exist in her was very present and that she was unique and magnificent.

Today, this brave person is a model, and she represents a great source of daily inspiration for many young women who struggle to accept themselves as they are.


Lizzie Velasquez: A courageous person.

Source: belatina

It takes everything to make a world! And Lizzie Velasquez is proof that in life, everyone has their beauty. In 2008, the young woman was “elected” the ugliest globally by Internet users after the publication of a YouTube video showing her in her daily life.

At the time, this video was widely distributed around the world. What destroyed Lizzie, who was then only 17 years old. You have to be very strong to be able to assume such a cruel label. And yet, today, the young woman admits that it is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to her. Here’s why.

Lizzie has a low genetic condition called Marfan syndrome. A multitude of problems accompanies it. Lizzie has an unconventional physique: 1.60 m for less than 30 kilos, she cannot gain weight. She has skinny limbs, an impaired right eye, deformed physical features, and gets tired very quickly.

  • A victim of psychological harassment

And as if that wasn’t enough, Lizzie had to endure cruelty from all over the world. At school, she suffered from constant bullying and insults. His whole childhood was shared among dozens of surgeries. These were intended to allow him to live as naturally as possible and the solemn gaze of other children.

But she learned by force of circumstance to ignore the criticisms in particular thanks to her few girlfriends and her family’s support.

However, her world will collapse when she publishes a video online where she tells about her life and misadventure. Because in addition to bearing the title of the ugliest woman in the world, Lizzie had to endure the thousands of hateful comments that followed one another under her documentary.

  • Cruel messages

“If people see your face in public, they will go blind”; “Just put a gun to your temple and kill yourself”; “Burn it!” “. It indeed hurts the heart! And if many would have given up in the face of such attacks, Lizzie preferred to face the hurricane, and that is what makes all her strength.

This excellent drama gave birth to the young girl’s anger and anger to fight. Thus, she took advantage of this first video to open a Youtube channel directly to online harassment. From video to video, she talks about everyday life’s little things, always with a touch of humour and self-determination.

This is how she was able to reach the compassion and the hearts of Internet users. Today, Lizzie Velasquez has become one spokesperson for associations that fight against harassment on the Internet and a highly regarded speaker.

  • This brave person is unbeatable.

Thanks to her interventions, she does everything to fight against the hatred spilt free on the Internet. She wants to inspire and restore confidence to people who, like her, were not fortunate enough to be born in good physical health.

Moreover, she is currently campaigning to adopt a law that would punish more radically the acts of moral harassment on the internet. And this by collecting the thousands of testimonies of people who tell him about their lives. Which only adds determination and hope to the 26-year-old.


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