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The young nurse goes crazy after her divorce from her husband

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In Zambia, a 25-year-old nurse went mad after divorcing her husband (a farmer), who funded her studies from the final year until she graduated as a nurse to marry a young teacher.

According to Nephan Muuka, the victim’s younger brother, her sister Juliet Muuka went mad 8 months after she divorced her husband who sponsored her studies until she graduated as a nurse in 2020.

Soon after her marriage to the young professor two months ago, she began to see her ex-husband in her dreams. The latter claimed all the money he had spent on his studies.

“It was after these repeated dreams that my sister started undressing in public and eating garbage leftovers,” said Nephan.

Cases of young women going mad or killed after abandoning the men who sponsored them are on the rise in Zambia. Last year, a teacher went mad in Kasama after ditching a businessman who sponsored her to college.

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