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One of Bin Laden’s sons seen in Normandy: Discover his work!

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Omar bin Laden, the fourth son of Osama bin Laden, took refuge in France, in Normandy. The 39-year-old man leads a

peaceful life there, totally opposed to that of his father, a Saudi jihadist and head of the terrorist organization al-Qaida.

After being driven back from Egypt and Spain in France, Omar Bin Laden took refuge with his wife and horses, nearly twenty years after the September 11 attacks sponsored by his father.

Omar said he has ” finally achieved some semblance of peace ” with himself, largely through painting, which he has practised since early childhood. “ My mother loves to paint, as does one of my sisters. My uncle was also an outstanding artist. The need to draw and paint runs in my blood, ”he says.

Omar devotes himself assiduously to painting not only to drive away boredom but, above all, to reduce his movements during this period of expansion of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“ I sat in my studio and painted with all my heart. ”

Omar has already painted more than a dozen paintings in style borrowed from naive art. He represents Tora Bora’s mountains in Afghanistan, where his father went into hiding after September 11, or the desert of Arizona, United States.

The artist-painter indicated that he was never close to his father, whom he describes as an austere man who ” deprived his sons of toys, beat them regularly and later tried to persuade them to volunteer for suicide missions ”.

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, which left around 3,000 dead, Omar bin Laden has never stopped condemning this tragedy and rejecting his father’s violent ideology. Unlike one of his brothers Hamza, radicalized and killed by the Americans in 2019, he does everything to distance himself from his father’s bloody legacy even if he has decided to keep his last name.

Omar bin Laden’s ambition today is to become an “ambassador for peace”.

Photo credit: DR

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