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Assa Traoré sentenced for violating the presumption of innocence of the gendarmes

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Assa Traoré has become the symbol of the fight against police violence. And yet, she was recently convicted in civil proceedings by the Paris Court of Appeal for “infringing the presumption of innocence” of the gendarmes.
Therefore, the young woman will have to pay 4,000 euros in legal costs to the gendarmes, delete two publications, and publish a court press release evoking this conviction.

Assa Traoré sentenced for breach of the presumption of innocence.

Source: BFMTV

The Paris Court of Appeal condemned Assa Traoré for violating the presumption of innocence of the gendarmes arrested his brother, Adama Traoré, who died in July 2016.

Well, in 2019, the three gendarmes in question had assigned the activist Assa Traoré for five messages, published on the Facebook page of the committee “The truth for Adama”. These messages actually presented them as having caused the death of his brother.

The court ruled in favour of the gendarmes.
However, in 2020, these gendarmes had finally not won their case at first instance. They then decided to appeal. And this time, the court agreed with them. And for a good reason!

The Paris court recalled that the law “does not prohibit reporting ongoing legal cases and even giving particular credit to the prosecution’s thesis, but only if, of all the comments, does not emerge a clear affirmation of guilt”.

Assa Traoré sentenced to pay 4,000 euros to the gendarmes

Source: information.tv5monde

Thus, the Court of Appeal considers that the five messages clearly undermine the presumption of innocence of the gendarmes. However, Assa Traoré was only convicted of two of them. As for the other three, justice has not established that the young activist is indeed the author.

In one of the messages held against Assa Traoré, the latter indeed affirms that the police “left for dead” Adama Traoré. And in the other message, she had disclosed the identity of the three gendarmes.

The court orders the deletion of the two messages

Therefore, the court ordered the removal of these two messages from the Facebook page. But not only! Assa Traoré must also publish a press release evoking this conviction.

Also, it must pay 4,000 euros in legal costs to the gendarmes. The latter had requested 15,000 euros each in damages. However, they did not get them.

Assa Traoré sentenced: the lawyer for the gendarmes welcomes this decision.

Source: Leparisien

Of course, this decision did not fail to delight Me Rodolphe Bosselut, a lawyer for the gendarmes. He also declared that “it is a victory because all the passages prosecuted are considered as violating the presumption of innocence”.

As for Me Yassine Bouzrou, lawyer of Assa Traoré, he affirmed on Twitter: “My client was ordered to withdraw 2 messages on the thousands of publications of the Facebook page of the Adama Committee”.

“Sacred victory.”

And to continue: “The 4,000 euros are the costs, that is to say, the reimbursement of legal costs and not an order to pay damages “. He was as ironic as the term used by Rodolphe Bosselut: “Sacred victory indeed”, he assured.

Anyway, today, Assa Traoré, who fights against police violence , continues his fight. And not without reason! The investigation into the death of Adama Traoré is still ongoing.

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