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Very strange … a tribe forces girls to wear a lip ring to increase her dowry

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Every country and tribe have customs and traditions that govern it, and its inhabitants, generations after generations, submit to these customs despite the cruelty of some. They consider them to be imposed on them.

Women from the “Syrian” tribes, whose homeland is Ethiopia, put their lips paintings up to 10 inches and more in width. According to what was published by the British newspaper ” Daily Star “, the greater the diameter of the metal ring, the greater the bride price, what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

Torey Bon, 56, from Bali, Indonesia, took a group of amazing photos in Kebesh, southwest of the African country. In one of their pictures, an old lady in the tribe wore a corn headdress and showed how her swollen and extended lip appeared from the trail of the plate hanging below her chin.
Kentish is located in the Omo Valley, a region that includes eight tribes with about 200,000.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off the first woman who approached me wearing a big lip palette,” said Torey, who spent three days with the Suri tribe identifying the embellished lip panels.

“Personally, I was curious to learn more about this habit,” she said. “Girls make a slice in their lower lip during puberty and remove two of their lower teeth, so later in life, they don’t hit the lip plate.”

Then they use a system of ever-increasing sizes of burnt clay plates to extend the lip to unusual sizes. They tell me that some of the largest sheets measure sixteen inches.

For a Syrian, lip sheets represent beauty. The larger the plate, the more cattle negotiated for wedding dowries.

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