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DRC: a mountain of gold discovered the villagers storm the place (video)

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According to videos that have gone viral on social media, Congolese villagers have discovered a gold mountain.

An initial 30-second video shows hundreds of villagers digging for gold on top of a mountain. Another video shows them separating the gold from the earth.

According to BBC news pidgin, the Congolese government has sent police to secure the site.

Where is the “mountain of gold”?

A BBC journalist in DRC said the mountain is located in Brava village, 35km north of Bukavu. According to the same source, the government has deployed police to restore order and recover the gold that the villagers have dug.

Although the Democratic Republic of Congo has rich reserves of minerals like cobalt, diamonds, copper, and gold, this African country’s citizens remain among the world’s poorest.

Photo credit: atinkanews

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