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The execution of an entire family in Egypt

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The Egyptian Prisons Authority of the Ministry of Interior carried out a death sentence against four criminals from one family inside Burj Al Arab prison in Alexandria.

The security forces executed “Muhammad R. E, 57 years old, a farmer and resident in the village of Palestine, Amiriya Police Department Department, and his sons Shaban Muhammad R., 27, a driver, Hammouda M.R., 31 years old, worker, and Ahmed M.R., 30 years old, for their conviction of killing their fourth brother Ramadan was a farmer for stealing it, and the bodies were taken to the Kom al-Dikka morgue in preparation for handing them over to their families for burial.

Burj Al Arab Prison’s leaders carried out the death penalty, a member of the Public Prosecution Office, a forensic doctor, and a representative of the Endowment.

Source: Al Watan

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