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A photographer panic after seeing a strange creature running towards him in the camera … Video

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A night-time hiker through the woods posted a terrifying TikTok video of a strange, pale creature jumping over the grass and sprinting towards them.

Millions of social media users have suggested that the creature is “Skin Walker”, a famous mythical character who is rumoured to wander in the forests and transform into any animal.

The rolling clip depicts a grassy area lit by a flashlight that the videographer carries from the car with his colleagues, and it is as if they are roaming the area in search of animals.

As they talk about an animal far in front of them, suddenly their conversation is interrupted by the voice of their companion shouting, “What is this!”

The camera then focuses on a pale human-like creature, who appears to be dashing across the grass at dizzying speed, heading towards the car.

The cameraman’s voice appears in panic, saying, “Dude, what is this ?!” At this point, the camera swerves down, and the clip ends abruptly.

The video was titled “Scary” with a shocking emoji, and the clip was so popular on TikTok that it garnered 6 million views and over 900,000 likes.


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