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The rooster “Raja” is brought before the court for the murder of its owner.

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His owner’s cock was killed by a sharp blade of about 3 centimeters long after the man was Yemeni by making massive money from it.

The accident took place in the Jagtial district in the Indian state of Telangana on February 23 during an illegal cockfight.

In the details, Thanujula Satish brought the rooster “Raja” to fight the rooster at Yalama Temple on the outskirts of Lotonur village in Gulapali Mandal, where the owner of the rooster placed a three-inch knife, known as Kodi Katie, on the rooster leg before sending him to the battlefield.

When Raja tried to flee the battlefield, his owner grabbed him, but the blade hanging on the rooster’s leg pierced his thigh as he bled to death while he was on his way to the hospital.

The rooster “Raja” has been imprisoned in a local police station since the accident and will soon be brought before the court as part of the evidence in a case against about 15 people who participated in cockfights.

“We are looking for another 15 people involved in organizing the illegal fighting,” said local police officer Jeevan.


According to what Indian media reported, the defendants will be partially responsible under Indian law for contributing to the death of Satish through their negligence, in addition to participating in illegal activity likely to cause the end, but without any intention to do so.

They could also be charged with manslaughter, illegal gambling, and hosting cockfights.

It is worth noting that cockfighting is banned in all parts of India but is still common in rural areas.

Source: Agencies

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