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It’s official, Kim Kardashian divorce Kanye West

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It’s official! Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West after nearly seven years of marriage and four children. An announcement that ends with one of the most famous couples in the world.

However, in early January, the two spouses were already living apart and undergoing couples therapy sessions. Indeed, Kanye West had settled in Wyoming, while Kim Kardashian lived in California.

Kim Kardashian divorce Kanye West

After weeks of rumors about their potential separation, Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce from her husband, rapper Kanye West, after seven years of marriage. The reality TV star has now applied for joint custody of their four children.

However, in early January, the NBC News channel had assured that the two spouses lived apart and were even following couples therapy sessions. Kanye West had thus settled in Wyoming. While his wife instead resided in California.

An amicable procedure.

Today, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce is presented as an amicable procedure by some media. However, it seems that the singer is having a hard time coming to terms with this separation. “He was distant and rather silent during the negotiations. He did not know how to react ”, explains a relative of the star.

Before adding: “Of course, he knew this was going to happen. They had discussed it several times. But facing the reality of the situation weighed heavily on his shoulders. He always considered Kim to be the girl of his dreams, even before he knew her personally. The idea that she will no longer be his wife is challenging to manage ”.

Why is Kim Kardashian filing for divorce?

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However, if Kim Kardashian divorces Kanye West, it is for a reason! One of the triggers that pushed him to separation would be Kanye West’s candidacy for the United States’ presidency.

During his campaign, the rapper had indeed made incoherent remarks, burst into tears in full speech. This generated worried reactions about his mental health. Also, he had posted messages on Twitter suggesting that his wife wishing to intern.

A series of statements.

Kanye West had gone so far as to accuse Kim Kardashian of having an abortion when she was pregnant for the first time and having had an affair with Meek Mill. After this series of statements, Kim Kardashian called for compassion and empathy ”.

“Those who know Kanye know that his words are not always in line with his intentions,” she said. And for a good reason! Kanye West, who has bipolar disorder, refuses to take treatment because he feels it would restrict his creative energy.

Kim Kardashian divorces Kanye West: their incredible marriage contract.

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Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian still tried to save her couple at first. But in the end, she visibly resolved to end her relationship. So what exactly does their marriage contract provide in the event of a divorce?

In 2014, Gala magazine explained that the marital agreement provided that Kim Kardashian would inherit half of Kanye West’s fortune in the event of a divorce. But according to the site Radar Online, this agreement would instead provide that Kim Kardashian would receive a million dollars per year of union with Kanye West.

$ 6 million
She should therefore receive in this case $ 6 million and keep all the jewelry and gifts offered by her ex-husband. Either way, with the now announced divorce, Kim Kardashian, like Kanye West, is expected to remain in the spotlight throughout the proceedings.


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