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The White House: We will continue to work with Saudi Arabia

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The White House: We will continue to work with Saudi Arabia in light of the threats it faces, and we are committed to resetting the relationship with it while the accountability option remains

White House spokeswoman Gene Saki said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s administration would continue to work with Saudi Arabia, given the threats it faces in the region.

Saki added in a press conference that Washington is committed to resetting relations with Saudi Arabia, explaining that there are areas in which concern will be expressed. Accountability will be left open, as she put it.

She said she expects President Joe Biden to speak soon with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

On another topic, the American spokeswoman said that the Biden administration is committed to disclosing an unclassified copy of the report on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2, 2018, inside his country’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

She explained that the report would be issued by the National Intelligence Agency and not the White House.

For his part, State Department spokesman Ned Bras said Thursday in a press conference that President Biden said that he would review relations with Saudi Arabia as a whole in the American people’s interests.

Price also said that the intelligence report on Khashoggi’s killing would soon be published, adding that this report is “‘important for determining responsibilities,'” noting that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken trusts the intelligence.

In the words of the American spokesman, the killing of Khashoggi was a horrific crime, which would be at the heart of the intelligence report.

In the context, CNN quoted US officials saying that the expected report from the US intelligence on Khashoggi’s killing will not be issued before President Joe Biden talks with King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

For its part, the Saudi Press Agency reported that Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan received a phone call Thursday from his American counterpart Anthony Blinken.

The agency said that the two sides discussed bilateral relations and strategic partnership between the two countries and reviewed aspects of cooperation on regional and international challenges.


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