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Japan is unable to build a new pyramid .. 10 years of work for all Egyptians will not enable them to build the pyramids

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Sky News showed a report about the attempt by a Japanese mission to build a new pyramid in Giza.

The report revealed that a Japanese mission, which arrived in Egypt in 1978, had arrived, including architects, engineers, technicians and archaeologists.

The report indicated that the Japanese mission began to challenge the construction of another pyramid with hand tools, as they cut stones on the bank of the Nile River, and used preparations to transport stones to the other bank of the Nile in which the pyramids are located.

The report confirmed that about 100 workers were too old to move any stone, until the mission resorted to changing the plan, to form a pyramid in the place where the stones were cut, but they were unable again.

The report added that the traveler Yaqout al-Hamawi said in the “Dictionary of the Countries” that what comes to my mind is that if everyone in the land of Egypt had met and worked for 10 years, they would not be able to build the pyramids again.

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