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I will not count on Biden … Netanyahu clashes with America over Iran … Details

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It appears that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has clashed with US President Joe Biden over his dealings with Iran.

Netanyahu told the Israeli Channel 13 that he told Biden, during the phone conversation that took place between them a few days ago, that he would prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon with or without an agreement.

“I am relying on myself and ourselves,” he added, when asked if he relied on Biden on the Iran nuclear deal.

After pressuring him again to speak extensively, he said, “I do not entrust the security of Israel to anyone else … Israel must be able and determined to defend itself by itself.”

He pointed out: “I told him, with or without an agreement, my duty as prime minister of Israel is to prevent the recurrence of Iran’s violations against our people.”

He said, “There is a regime whose main goal is to destroy us. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

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