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Watch … Erdogan takes a penalty with “seeing Mesut Ozil.”

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan posted on his official account on Twitter a picture during his penalty kick, under the title “No stopping … We will continue to score goals.”

According to the official Anadolu Agency, this photo was taken Monday, during the opening ceremony of the “Gursel Axel” football stadium in the western state of Izmir.

While taking the kick, Alpay Ozalan was the Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy from Izmir.

Fakhruddin Altun, head of the Turkish Presidency’s Communication Department, published a motion picture or what is known as a “GIF” of the Turkish president while he pays a soccer ball. I attach it with a comment: “Masoud Ozil’s vision, the aesthetics of Rashid Ghazal, the elite of Abdul Qadir Omar, ending Mustafa Muhammad. ”


It is worth noting that President Erdogan is a former football player in the “Qasim Pasha” club, which bears the district’s name in which he was born in Istanbul.
Source: “Anadolu Agency”


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