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Unique case..the birth of a 6-legged and 2-tailed puppy

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Media reports dealt with the details of a unique case of giving birth to a puppy with 6 legs and two tails, indicating that the puppy, which was called “Skipper,” is a mixture of the two breeds “Border Collie” and “Australian Shepherd Dog,” and was born earlier in This February, in a veterinary hospital in “Oklahoma City,” the capital and largest city of the state of “Oklahoma” America.

In addition to the 6 legs and two tails, the puppy has other unique physical characteristics that led the veterinarians who took over the condition to believe that he would most likely have had another sibling. Still, the two fetuses did not separate properly in the womb.

It is worth noting that all the legs of “Skipper” move and respond to external stimuli, and he is eating and growing normally. Still, he may need physical therapy and assistance with movement at a later stage.

The puppy suffers from two types of congenital attachment disorders. As a result, it has one head and one chest cavity. Still, there are two reproductive systems, two tails, and 6 legs, among other abnormalities, according to a post shared by the veterinary hospital administration in which the puppy was born through its account on the social networking site. Facebook”.

It is noteworthy that the owners of the pet pup “Skipper” have created a fundraising page on the online platform “GoFundMe” specialized in crowdfunding to obtain financial support to cover the costs of his treatment and possible surgeries that he may need. The owners reported that the puppy fed through a bottle after his mother refused him.

However, they later indicated that his condition is improving, as he is feeding and moving well, in addition to his weight is considered normal given his age. At the same time, experts at the veterinary hospital stated that they would continue to follow his condition and the developments that occur to it to help him enjoy a healthy and pain-free life.

Although veterinarians believed at first glance that “Skipper” was the first dog to be born alive despite suffering from such genetic disorders, a report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” indicated a similar case in the United Kingdom in 2019, where a dog was born with 6 legs that were released It has the name “Ro.”

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