“I was in a church where I was forced to sleep with snakes and eat human flesh” (video)


A 26-year-old Kenyan woman confessed that she once ate human flesh and had sex with snakes. It was during a morning show on Radio Maisha.

The mother of a child identified as Cecilia Wambui told presenter Emmanuel Mwashumbe that poverty forced her to perform satanic rituals to attract rich men.

Sleeping with snakes and eating human flesh

“I was 17 years old, and I was in third grade when I met a driver who made advances to me. Coming from a very low-income family, I was impressed that he had a television, stove, and radio. I ran away with him, but we broke up in three months. I was pregnant with him, but I had an abortion. ”

The young woman, who claims to have lost the number of abortions she performed after the first, added that between the ages of 17 and 25, she slept with more than 100 men and got married five times.

She also revealed that she had been spiritually imprisoned by a satanic church that required her to sleep with evil spirits, snakes and to eat human flesh.

“Wanting to change my life to become a better person, I was introduced to a fake church where I slept with spirits. I could sit and find myself in mortuaries and cemeteries.

When I joined this church, I no longer felt the urge to sleep with a man because the spirits were there to satisfy me sexually. I got to a point where I was addicted and felt the desire to see bloody images like corpses washed in the morgue. ”

Wambui also claimed that the church pastor had brainwashed her and forced her to marry a church member she had only just known. She also revealed that the pastor tormented her in her dreams and told her not to seek treatment when she fell ill because God would heal her.

“They brainwashed me; the pastor told me to give him everything I bought with my ex-husbands and boyfriend’s money. They arranged for my marriage to one of the church members under the pretext that God had decided that I would marry her. We hardly knew each other.

Every time I slept, I dreamed that the pastor would ask me to touch his private parts, and a black snake would appear. I liked it and felt it was good. The snake appeared every time I closed my eyes. ”

She later realized that all was not well and left the church in October 2020. She also separated from her husband, whom she described as scary as she was waking up in the middle of the night, and found him sitting on a chair, looking at her.

Refusing to disclose the church’s name for fear of reprisal, Wambui claimed that five other women – in the church – were facing a similar ordeal.

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