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Brazil: jealous wife kills young woman sitting next to her husband in the bar

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A horrible scene happened in Brazil. A jealous Brazilian woman stormed a bar and shot dead a young woman sitting next to her husband while drinking with friends.

In the video, Dayane Rafaella de Silva Rodrigues, 31, can be seen entering Niangua, Brazil, on Thursday, February 18.

She then fires shots at the table where her husband and five other friends were sitting together with 26-year-old Djaiane Batista Barro. Unfortunately, a bullet hits Djaiane in the head, killing her instantly.

Rodrigues arrived on the back of a motorbike with another person before entering the bar to carry out the shootout. A 24-year-old man was also shot and taken to hospital, recovering from surgery on his arm.

Security footage outside the bar also showed the suspect and her husband struggling after the shooting as he tried to get the gun out of his hands.

Rodriguez is seen walking away from the stage with his handbag. Police arrested her shortly after the shooting. The officers said that the suspect shot the bullet because she was “angry” with her husband and had argued with him in the past because he went to these bars that escorts frequently.

After her arrest, Rodrigues told the police that she fired the shots at random to “disperse” her husband’s table and did not know the victim, Djaiane. According to police, the suspect has no criminal record and is devastated by her actions, investigating her for homicide and bodily harm.


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