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Yuri Tolochko:The bodybuilder who married a doll is going to marry a chicken

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It is often said that once is not customary, and the act of Yuri Tolochko is the perfect illustration. Having made people talk about him by marrying a doll a few months ago, the bodybuilder has decided to make an extraordinary second marriage.


But this time, it is not a second doll that he intends to marry but rather a chicken! Oh no, you are not dreaming.

Bodybuilder Yuri Plans To Marry A Chicken

Source: yahoo

Who does not remember Yuri Tolochko from Kazakhstan who got together with a sex doll called Margo? The bodybuilder is talking about him once again by deciding to marry a mysterious object: a chicken.

The bodybuilder decided after his “plastic wife” damaged herself a few weeks after their wedding. He, therefore, thought of experimenting with new things while awaiting the repair of his wife.

He cheats on his “wife” with a chicken.

And among all the options that exist on Earth, Yuri preferred to turn to a chicken! You read correctly!

Weird sexual fantasy: a bodybuilder is going to marry a chicken

So, in a video on Instagram, we see him playing with the chicken for sexual purposes before pouring condensed milk on his body. “I love BDSM, I love weird sex,” he posted on Instagram while holding a plucked raw chicken, which did not fail to shock Internet users.

Shortly after this horror-movie scene, the bodybuilder announced his desire to marry a toy in the shape of a chicken. And for a good reason! The latter admits to having enjoyed his experience with the animal. And he, thus, ordered the object to marry her if all goes “well.”

A wedding with a sex doll in the shape of a giant chicken.

Yuri has already found a name for his future chicken toy: Lola. This will be shaped like a giant chicken but will also have male and female genitals, he reveals.

A polygamous marriage in perspective

Source: dailystar

Pushing the vice even further, Yuri Tolochko said he was also considering the possibility of a polygamous marriage in the future. And we can well imagine that these will be objects that are out of the ordinary!

Indeed, it is clear that the bodybuilder and actor do not intend to stop there! After her official and legal marriage to the Margo doll in 2020, one can reasonably expect everything from the depraved-tasting bodybuilder.

Gratitude to Margo

As for his doll currently being repaired, the bodybuilder emphasizes that he does not intend to forget it, despite being able to marry the chicken. According to him, Margo will always be considered the oldest woman. Therefore, he will always give her the respect she deserves.

Yuri Tolochko does not plan to stop anytime soon in the quest to satisfy his bizarre sexual fantasies. After the inflatable doll, it is now the toy’s turn in the shape of a chicken. We wonder what he still has in store for us.

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