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Bragging about being in Bali, an Instagram influencer was actually at Ikea.

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The influencer Natalia Taylor managed to deceive many Internet users, making them believe that she was in Bali, Indonesia, when she was in an Ikea store in the United States.

Behind this lie, the young woman wanted to alert her 360,000 subscribers to the alarming ease with which anyone can invent a luxurious life.

Influencer fakes trip to Bali while at Ikea.

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Natalia Taylor, an Instagram influencer, displays a luxurious lifestyle to her 360,000 subscribers. Indeed, during her last trip, to Bali, Indonesia, this young American posted a series of images and stories that did not fail to make her fans dream.

And for a good reason! We can see her in a bathtub in her bedroom, sitting on a deckchair, surrounded by lush vegetation. And even with a glass of champagne in hand. All this while not failing to add Bali, Indonesia, to its location.

“The queen has arrived”

“Bali, Indonesia … The queen has arrived”, explains the star of social networks on the first post of her trip. However, the reality is quite different. Yep, Natalia Taylor hadn’t traveled that day. Far from there! This influencer was simply in the Ikea closest to her, in the United States, to make her followers believe that she was in Bali.

Why did Natalia Taylor fake a trip to Bali?

Who would have believed it? Nevertheless, this young influencer purposely made her fans think that she was in Bali while she was at Ikea. The reason? Well, the goal was twofold.

First of all, she wanted to see if it was possible to convince several thousand people that she was in an island paradise with a few photos. Next, she tried to alert her followers to the ease with which it is possible to lie to them on social media.

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot at Ikea.

In a YouTube video, Natalia Taylor explained her whole scheme. Detailing the totality of the deception, she said, “Internet life is not always as you see it. Especially today, when it is so easy to pretend to be anyone ”.

The influencer who simulated a trip to Bali was also filmed behind her photoshoot scenes at Ikea to reveal her fans’ experience. Natalia Taylor also recounts having retouched the photos of her supposed trip to Bali, “leaving clues, Ikea labels on almost all the images.


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