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The rape of an employee inside the Australian Parliament building!

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Just hours after a third woman accused an Australian parliament employee of sexually assaulting her, a fourth woman announced that she had been sexually harassed by the same employee in 2017.

The fourth woman alleged that a Liberal party employee touched her thigh while they were together at Canberra’s bar.

It also complained about the local police in Canberra and announced its intention to make a statement later this week.

The new accusation comes after a former parliamentarian, Brittany Higgins, claimed that she was raped inside the Australian Parliament building after drinking alcohol with the same employee in March 2019.

Two other women, a liberal employee and former coalition volunteer, also claimed to The Australian that the same employee had sexually assaulted them.

The fourth lady, who now wants to remain anonymous, told ABC that when she learned of the identity of the rapist Brittany Higgins through employee networks, she was crazy and remembered a similar incident with her by the same employee.

The woman said she attended a party in 2017 with colleagues at the Canberra General Bar after work.

She added that she was surprised to learn later that the same man who raped Higgins put his hand under the table and touched her thigh.

The woman said that this did not satisfy her and angered her, and this is not the first time that she has received unwanted attention from men working in parliament, and it was not the last time.

“At the time, I was so used to sexual harassment that I ignored it,” she added.

She made her remarks late on Sunday afternoon at a local police station. She said an investigator from the Australian Federal Police team specializing in child sexual abuse and assault cases called her within an hour.

She indicated that the officer asked her to come and make an official statement later in the week.

For his part, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologized for dealing with the matter and said that he asked his employees what they knew about the accident.

These latest allegations come on the heels of a report by Four Corners last November on the House of Representatives’ culture and what is going on inside it, including related allegations against two government ministers.

Source: ABC

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