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The killing of the Italian ambassador in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Italian diplomat Luca Attanasio traveled with a United Nations convoy for the World Food Program (WFP). A soldier also lost his life.


Sad news. Italian Ambassador to Kinshasa Luca Attanasio was shot dead on Monday in an armed attack that targeted a World Food Program (WFP) convoy during a visit near Goma in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

AFP broadcasted information from a high-ranking diplomatic source in Kinshasa: ” Ambassador Luca Attanasio died immediately of his injuries, ” he said. AFP also noted that two other people were killed during the attack without specifying the victims’ identity. But according to several corroborating sources, the two other victims would be the driver and the bodyguard of the ambassador.

The Italian diplomat was first seriously wounded by bullets; it was while evacuating him to a Goma hospital that he would have lost his life. The diplomatic source at AFP also indicates that the Congolese Armed Forces are combing to find out who the attackers are.

The attack on this WFP convoy took place in the north of Goma, the capital of the province of North Kivu, plagued by violence from armed groups for more than 25 years. This region is home to the Virunga National Park, a natural, tourist, and threatened gem, which is also the theater of conflicts in this region of North Kivu, where dozens of armed groups are vying for control of the wealth of the soil and the subsoil. . an area of ​​violence and insecurity.


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