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McDonald’s: child attacks employee, video goes viral

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employee. Internet users were shocked.

“ Come as you are ” is the McDonald’s slogan. And if the customer is always king, there are still limits. Limits that this child has wholly exceeded. In a video posted by a customer on Instagram, the young boy is seen walking upright and barefoot on the counter at the McCafé, in Thompson Lakes, in south Perth, Australia. We then see him violently throwing a drink in the face of the helpless employee.

An improbable scene

While the child is yelling at him, it is finally a fast-food customer who intervened and made him come down from the counter. Video of this scene quickly went viral. Shocked Internet users reacted to this gratuitous lack of respect. “If this happened in front of my eyes and it was my child doing this, believe me, he would have had a bad quarter of an hour. How can we disrespect this point? », Comments a user.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s immediately reacted to this tragedy in the Yahoo News Australia columns. “The restaurant does not tolerate this kind of behavior in our establishment. The safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority, ”he said.

Employees die hard.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that an employee of the fast-food chain has been humiliated in this way. Last June, two employees of a McDonald’s restaurant in Agde (Hérault) were attacked by several customers. Dozens of people have entered the establishment without a mask. The fast-food employees then asked them to wear one. Only, the tone would quickly be raised, and the customers would have attacked them physically.

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