“I slept with the owner of the house to pay my husband’s medical bills


A woman shared a disturbing story of how she had to sleep with her landlord to raise money to pay for her husband’s medical bills.

“ My husband and I have been a couple for over five years and have two children. He worked with a reputable organization and earned significant income. We lived comfortably until an illness struck my husband, and he became inactive at home and work. Due to the disease, which required major surgery, my husband lost his job, and I had to stop my teaching job to take care of him. Things got worse later. Almost all of our properties have been sold to buy expensive drugs. His health deteriorated, our house rent was late, and the landlord threatened to empty us.

I ran around to raise money to offset the stacked bills, but no one was ready to help. I have had various apologies from family, friends, and colleagues. I ran out of options. My husband needed urgent surgery, which will cost over a million naira, or he was killed. On the other hand, the six months’ notice of eviction from the house was about to expire, and I had nowhere to entrust the children and my dying husband. My children couldn’t stand seeing their father in pain and kept begging me to do something.

Not being able to raise the house’s rent, I decided to see the landlord and plead again. The owner offered me a soft drink when I got to his house a few blocks away, but I couldn’t get it. After listening to my situation, he offered to help me with my husband’s surgery and write off the debt I owe on one condition. A ray of hope lit my face. I ignorantly asked the owner what the situation was and prepared to do anything to save my husband’s life. He walked over to where I was sitting and told me the condition was to sleep with him. I got up and left her apartment in anger. I told myself I couldn’t do such a despicable act to my husband.

I returned to my apartment and met my husband, who was writhing in pain. The children were sitting beside him, crying uncontrollably because their father was in so much pain. My conscience stung me. I couldn’t resist their tears. We were running out of time. The only option available was to accept the owner’s offer. I reluctantly turned back to the owner’s apartment the next morning. He smiled when he saw me. He gave me a check for 1.2 million nairas and a payment receipt for the unpaid rent of one year and six months. I did the unthinkable with him, and then I cried when I got home. I paid for my husband’s surgery, and it was successful. My husband was in pain a few weeks later and was put on treatment after the operation. Shortly after his recovery, he asked me how I had collected the considerable sum for his operation. I had no choice but to lie to him. He wasn’t convinced.

Instead, he continued to show signs of ingratitude. A few months later, I got a call from my landlord, demanding that I see him in his apartment for another sex party or he risk exposing the truth to my husband. I am at a crossroads. If my husband finds out the truth, my marriage will be over. If I give in to the owner’s request, he could continue to blackmail me. At the moment, I am confused. What can I do? I need advice. ”

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