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Ghanaian singer: “I have both female and male genitalia”:

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Lawrencia Abena Lamptey, a Ghanaian singer, known as Labena, has made a surprising revelation about herself.

Labena has revealed that she has both male and female reproductive organs and has no plans to have the surgery. Speaking to DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, the talented singer remarked that she was born that way.

“I’m not ashamed to talk about it, and there’s no reason to lie either. I was born with it, so it’s part of who I am, ”she said.

“The six men I dated were not shocked by this. Maybe when I get married, and my husband wants me to remove the male organ, I will, ”she added.

When asked if she has ever had sex with a woman, she replied, “I don’t remember that happening. If so, maybe I was drunk, I don’t know. “

Labena is a hermaphrodite (Person with an ovary on one side and a testicle on the other or the fusion of two glands on both sides).

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