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A pregnant woman asks Djokovic to sign an area of her body

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World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic ❤ was exposed to a rare stance during a photo session celebrating his winning the Australian Open, the first of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Many fans gathered around Djokovic and asked for his autograph for the memory; some asked for his signature on his shirt and some on the magazine he wore.

Among the admirers was a pregnant woman (apparently in the last months of pregnancy) who asked for a strange request from Djokovic, where she revealed her stomach is asking the Serbian star to sign her belly, which the latter immediately answered with a smile, drew a love heart for the child and next to him his signature drawing.


The image of Djokovic’s signature on the belly of a pregnant woman was widespread on social media, accompanied by many funny comments, including that the child will be a world tennis champion like the Serbian star after this tremendous moral support for his mother.

Djokovic won the Australian Open title for the ninth time in his career, after winning, on Sunday, the final match against Russian Daniel Medvedev with three clean sets.

Source: Eurosport_RU

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