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a hunter kills a giraffe and poses with her heart for Valentine’s Day! (VIDEO)

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Her name is Merelize Van Der Merwe, and recently her photos caused a real scandal on the web. It must be said that for Valentine’s Day, she decided to treat herself to a little hunting party in South Africa by killing a giraffe. And as if that wasn’t enough, this hunter poses with her heart in her hands.

Discover the shocking video:

A hunter kills a giraffe.

$ 2000! This is the price of a giraffe in South Africa… In any case, that’s what hunter Merelize Van Der Merwe says, very happy with her Valentine’s Day. That day, she decided to take down a giraffe in cold blood to get herself a little gift. And this small gift is none other than her heart with which she poses all smiles.

“Have you ever wondered how big a giraffe’s heart is? I am delighted with my BIG gift for Valentine’s Day !!! ” So obviously, it was enough for all Internet users to step up. It must be said that the clichés are particularly indecent and that they arouse a wave of anger on the web.

A real scandal on the web!


When this hunter publishes her photos on the web, it is immediately a wave of anger. But the worst part is that she is against the comments by simply explaining that this is a way to preserve biodiversity while creating work. Indeed, that day, she claims to have made “work for 11 people”, not to mention the meat they could eat.

And unfortunately, this is a business that appeals to a lot of trophy hunters. Indeed, a member of an anti-hunting organization explains that currently, there is a whole network that has been created “to the detriment of the environment in the broad sense.” Result? Encouraging this kind of practice “disrupts animal societies and has ripple effects on people and ecosystems that we are only just beginning to understand.”

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