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Terrifying moments of the disassembly and ignition of the engine of an American passenger plane in the sky! (Videos + photos)

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The US Aviation Administration said that a United Airlines plane suffered a right engine failure after leaving Denver International Airport on its way to Honolulu, causing parts of it to scatter.

A video clip circulating on the social networking site “Twitter” showed the engine on fire, while other clips and pictures showed parts of the engine scattered over residential neighborhoods.

As a result, Broomfield, Colorado, police instructed residents not to approach scattered parts of the plane. Police released pictures of flying parts from the plane, but there were no immediate reports of any injuries on the ground.

The Broomfield Police Department made a plea to residents on Twitter: “If there are parts, please do not touch or move them. The National Transportation Driver and Safety Board wants all parts to remain in place for investigation.”

For its part, United said in a statement yesterday, Saturday, that there were no reports of injuries on board Flight 328, which was carrying 231 passengers and a crew of 10.

Source: Reuters

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