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In a Zoom lawsuit, this lawyer appears with a chat filter

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During a hearing with a judge in Texas, a lawyer had the misfortune of appearing with an automatic filter that turned him into a kitten. Concerned about whether the judge could hear him, the lawyer then admitted not knowing how to remove the filter.
Which did not take long to provoke hilarity on social networks. So much so that many Internet users have shared this hilarious story, to say the least.

A lawyer appears with a chat filter.

Source: YouTube

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, American justice is sometimes forced to hold a videoconference. However, some people are not always familiar with the necessary tools, such as Zoom—the proof with this lawyer who appeared live with a chat filter.

In fact, in the context of a trial, lawyer Rod Ponton was pleading to defend a client accused of having fled the United States with contraband money. However, not everything went as planned.

Rod Ponton unable to get rid of the filter

Yep, this lawyer appeared in virtual court in Texas in the guise of a cat. Thus, during a moment of the videoconference, a kitten filter was applied to his face, without his managing to get rid of it.

As for Judge Roy Ferguson, surprised by the scene, he said: “Mr. Ponton, I believe you have activated a filter in your video settings.” There follows a great misunderstanding for the lawyer.

The lawyer proposes to continue like this… with the cat filter!

Source: lepoint

The latter, whose voice seems to emanate from a white kitten, then asks: “Can you hear me, Judge?”. ” “I hear you; I think it’s a filter”…, the judge replied. “It is,” confirms the lawyer, nodding his head.

He also confesses to his interlocutors, who remain serious despite this funny situation: “I don’t know how to remove it. I have my assistant here, she tries, but I am ready to continue with […] I am there. I am not a cat ”.

“A mistake” from his secretary

Following this utterly comical event, Rod Ponton declared that the filter was actually “a mistake” by his secretary. He had actually used his computer to attend the hearing.

The lawyer also claims that this cat filter was activated when he connected on zoom. But after a few minutes, he had indeed succeeded in removing it. After that, the trial proceeded “as usual.

.”A lawyer appears with a chat filter: Internet users seize the story.

Source: dailydot

Also, Judge Ferguson took the opportunity to offer advice. So, posting the snippet on his Twitter account, he wrote: “If a child has used your computer, before joining a virtual conference, check the Video Zoom options to make sure the filters are off.”

Without failing to underline with humor, the exceptional character of the event: “This kitten has just made an official announcement on a case in the 394th (district of Texas)”.

A funny anecdote

However, if the anecdote is certainly amusing, the judge also assures us that it shows above all: “the dedication of the legal profession to ensure that the justice system continues to function in these difficult times.”

Nevertheless, this funny video sequence has, without much surprise, provoked the hilarity of social networks. Moreover, a multitude of Internet users very quickly shared the extract on Twitter. After all, it’s not every day that a lawyer appears with a chat filter.

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