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Discover 10 countries with the highest number of scammers, Africa at the top of the ranking

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The online scam has become a global problem over the years.

E-commerce, which is one of the methods used in the scam, is worth trillions of dollars.

Here are the ten countries in the world with the highest number of scammers

  • 10. Romania

After the fall of communism, Romania sank into poverty and corruption.

Over the years, Romania has built a reputation for itself through the successful online scam. Scammers have been successful in scamming innocent people through online dating, phishing, and selling non-existent products.

Romanian crooks use proven methods to trick you.

  • 9. the Philippines

In addition to the dating scams common in the Philippines, one of the ploys used is called the “familiar face.” Someone walks up to you and claims you are familiar to them, then decides to show you around the places where you get robbed afterward.

Another way to get ripped off is horseback riding. You negotiate a price with the jockey to show you around a site and, during the ride, he walks away and gives way to another jockey. Upon arrival, the latter charges you a price almost ten times higher than the price you set with the first jockey.

  • 8. South Africa

According to a UJ’s Center for Cyber ​​Security report, South Africans were the most affected by bank fraud in 2015.

These included phishing, fraudulent banking website visits, and false notifications of bank withdrawals or deposits.

  • 7. Venezuela

Since its economy plunged into recession, there have been several cases of scams ranging from online dating to fake government bonds.

The value of greenbacks on the street has reached seven times the government rate, or 6.3 VEF to the dollar.

In 2016 alone, consumer prices rose 800%, and the economy contracted by 18.6%. This resulted in massive unemployment, and local stores also had empty shelves. These factors, combined with others, have led to massive scams.

  • 6. Indonesia

Indonesian scammers are tech-savvy, able to trick people without them realizing it.

Cases of fraud have increased since 2000; bank customers have been victimized by unions using data capture devices illegally installed in ATMs.

  • 5. Pakistan

Military scams have become so common that many anti-crime organizations are issuing an alert.

They are not easily detected; crooks use high-ranking officials and pose as military personnel on dating sites and online social networks and engage in relationships whose sole purpose is to use the images of people they will later use to deceive other people.

For now, the crooks are posing as soldiers currently deployed in Pakistan, and they will find a way to get you to send them money.

Criminals also install a virus on your computer, which allows them to steal anything on it and, in doing so, blackmail you into sending them money.

  • 4. Brazil

Brazil is the hub of scammers.

Brazilians scam people by pretending to be beautiful ladies. Pick-pocketing, which was more evident at the 2016 Olympics, has put the country in a bad light.

There are also cases of express kidnappings happening around foreign currency exchange banks.

  • 3. China

The Chinese are very good at it; they have incorporated technology to defraud the unsuspecting masses.

The college campus entrance scam is one of the methods they use to trick parents into convincing them that the child may enter college with poor results.

“I am your husband’s mistress” is another scam method that involves texting married women with a link to view photos of the mistress with their husbands. The woman quickly clicks on the link, and her phone is infected with a trojan virus, and these scammers get passwords and pictures they use to blackmail the family.

It is impossible to visit India without stumbling upon at least one con artist.

Showing that you do not know the way to your hotel is one way to get ripped off. A driver will offer to drive you there and take you to another more expensive hotel.

Another scam way is importing gemstones duty-free, especially in the Jaipur area. This scam involves tourists being approached by a gem merchant, who convinces them to buy worthless rocks. You will be asked to import them duty-free and resell them to one of their fictitious partners in their country of origin, which will be a lot more money than they originally paid.

  • 1. Nigeria

Nigerian crooks use the playbook to scam their victims.

At least one in 2 people have seen this somewhere, whether in emails or Facebook posts, where you will likely be told an elaborate fake story about large sums of money in the central bank or a significant inheritance that is difficult for them to access due to government restrictions or taxes in their country. They then ask for your bank details to transfer the money to you, and in doing so, they will use your information to steal your funds.

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