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A blatant assault on a Saudi woman on the street raises anger … and the prosecution issues an urgent directive (video)

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An official source in the Saudi Public Prosecution said that the Public Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for a young man who beat a Saudi girl in Hafar Al-Batin Governorate.

The decision shall refer the accused to the relevant department at the Public Prosecution branch for investigation and summon the parties to the case to seize their statements and testimonies.

This procedure comes after monitoring the Parliamentary Monitoring Center’s content and articles (13 and 15) of the Criminal Procedures Law.

The source said, “The Public Prosecution will spare no effort in prosecuting and incriminating those who violate public order and violating the freedoms and rights of others, and applying the legal procedures against them firmly, and will not tolerate the perpetrators of these crimes and will apply their right to severe penalties that dissuade them and deter others.”

Saudi activists circulated a video clip that caused a sensation in the Kingdom, showing a young man’s assault on a girl in the middle of the street in Hafar Al-Batin Governorate, in the north of the kingdom.

The girl who was assaulted posted the video explaining what had happened: “Three males intercepted my way. They verbally harassed, their vulgar steps preceded by disruptive speech, and no reaction by condescension or silence could have stopped this degenerate group. With my knowledge of the truth, I could not ignore it because God is witness that night I was patient with turning a blind eye. ”


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